12,185 sq ft built up area
19,411 sq ft land area
Completed in 2008

The project consists of a conserved house and a new extension added to it. The new extension was inserted into one side and wrapped around a 30 meter high Tembusu tree that had to be retained. Design brief calls for a multi-generation house for a family of 5 adults. One wing of the new addition housed the living quarter for the son and his wife, while the other wing serves the parent and their daughter. Both wings are separated by a shallow pond at the base of the preserved tree. The conserved unit functioned as the communal formal parts of the house where the main living and dining rooms are situated. This is the part of the house where the family comes together. The design seeks to lift an otherwise non descript conserved house by contrasting it with a bold and distinctive modern addition.

Swettenham Green Image 1
Swettenham Green Image 2
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